M. Sander at Vilnius course 2006
Martin U. Sander

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Teaching, Possibilities to study with me

Do you visit this site with an eye on the possibility of studying the organ with me? The two institutions I am teaching at offer different studies and degrees. For a first overview, I would recommend to visit their respective web sites, Hochschule für Musik in Detmold and Hochschule für Musik (University of Music) in Basel. Of course, talking personally would be the best way to make the choices most appropriate for your personal goals and situation.

Address (private)

Prof. Dr. Martin Sander
Brahmsstr. 6
D-32756 Detmold
Tel.    +49-5231-30 47 333
FAX: +49-5231-70 17 782
e-mail: post@MartinSander.de